Nigeria Center for Excellence

Jarrod Goentzel, Josué C. Velázquez-Martínez, Prashant Yadav
Partner: Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PSHAN)

This study seeks to characterize mid- to long-term talent pool development processes in order to advance sustainable in-country academic capacity in Nigeria. The study's approach to talent pool development consists of three primary process that drive academic capacity in Nigeria: (1) Identify and realize academic partnership commitment, (2) Conduct detailed feasibility for the Africa Centers of Excellence (COE), and (3) Build a coalition for Nigerian Center of Excellence.

It is anticipated that this study's feasibility work with MIT will provide evidence-based insights on the underlying building blocks for a sucessful proposed Nigeria Center of Excellence (COE). Through strategy development, business plan development, research potentialities, and definitive agreement a mid-long term talent pool may be broadly developed by securing commitments with local academic and prioritized institutions, building a factbase for engagement with stakeholders in industry and with development partners in Nigeria and the West Africa region, and defining governance mechanisms for the COE. This study's preliminary expectations for Nigeria's COE suggests that broad support would be required along a number of levels in sustainability, governance, and relations with partnerships.


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