Food Aid Packaging Evaluation

Mark Brennan, Jarrod Goentzel, Prithvi Sundar, MIT Comprehensive Initiative for Technology Evaluation (CITE)
Partner: USAID

Food for Peace began in 1954, and is implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Each year, nearly $2.2 billion is spent on food aid programs around the globe. USAID Food for Peace activities, also known as Title II food aid, accounts for about 80% of that annual budget on average. This study aims to evaluate the cost effectiveness of transportation and storage of food aid commodities.
With an estimated procurement of $1 million, MIT will test a range of packaging and shipping options, commodities, and foreign ports, and then simulate the down-stream supply chain by placing packaged commodities in prepositioning warehouses in foreign ports for up to three months. A major contribution of this evaluation is understanding how advanced packaging interacts with industrial and material handling processes. The shipping and material handling capacities required to move the packaged commodities to the foreign ports are representative of lead-times and climates of USAID shipping routes to other beneficiary countries.

For more information, please refer to the MIT CITE page and to Mark Brennan's news article.

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